Love Is More Than Words

Over the years I’ve visited the theme of love in my work oh… a whole heckuvalot. It takes all sorts of forms:  forbidden love, unrequited pining, burning lust, chaste adoration, playful affection, and in several paintings it’s all about maternal tenderness. In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m releasing a limited edition, signed & numbered print of my painting “More Than Words.”


Being an Addams Family geek I decided to place Morticia and little baby Wednesday in Morticia’s greenhouse, where she was often found snipping the roses off her thorn bushes and feeding meatballs to her carnivorous plant/pet Cleopatra (featured in the upper left). Succulents from my own garden appear in the foreground because my obsessions tend to creep into the paintings. (Hello red foldy fabric, again!)

The sale will go live on Monday, May 4th at 9am PT (note: that’s Pacific Time, not PM if you’re squinting at your phone), in my Big Cartel shop: click right here to preview and bookmark!

One response to “Love Is More Than Words

  1. I 100% LOVE this. Love it x

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