A Blast From The Current!


If you’ve ever talked to Michael Snyder (I usually bump into him at art openings in San Francisco and LA) then you know he’s got a wealth of opinions about nearly any topic you might choose to bring up — he gives good conversation.  His new webcast “Culture Blast” is just like one of those meetings, except you can have the pleasure of his company at the click of a button!  In his trademark rapid patter, Michael will tell you about films, comics, tv shows, art, music, comedy, and food — just the straight dope, no filler.

So imagine my delight when he told me the other night that he’d included me in a segment?  Thrilled to the gills and ticked to the ends of my flippers!  You can check it out right here.   (You can learn more about the show on the show’s FB page.)

Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a morsel of his snarky updates on current pop culture.


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