Making A Better Yesterday Today

If you haven’t seen me in a while it’s because I’ve been in “art jail” working on pieces for my show, which opens this Saturday. (See helpful info below.)  Please come on over to the show and say hi, I’m kinda starving for human contact after all my time toiling away in hermitude!

Meanwhile, here’s a few fun facts:

1) In this show is the largest painting I’ve done in about 20 years.  (This says a lot more about the usual size of my work — kinda on the small side — than the enormity of this piece.  Still, I’m pretty amped about it.)

“Abduction of the Simian Women” oil on wood, 36 x 36 inches

2) I don’t usually do prints, partly because the whole idea of prints on paper never really excited me very much.  This is probably why I tend to make things like jigsaw puzzles and porcelain collector’s plates instead.  But technology has finally caught up with my oddball quirks and for this show we are going to be offering ten, count ’em ten different images as prints on wood.  This is ultra cool to me because I paint on wood panels, so, you know, it’s kinda perfect.  Plus they don’t need to be framed — they’re ready to hang right on the wall!

Only 53 shopping days till Christmas! Just sayin’…

3) It’s actually two shows in one! In a riff on the show’s title, there will be a room of “Today” (the new paintings) and “Yesterday” (a curated selection of past favorites).  I love this.

“Get Your Hero On” oil on wood, 25 x 20 inches

4) I’m still obsessed with Batman and Catwoman.

“Cloud Nine” oil on wood, 19 x 16 inches

5) We did something really nifty — if you have a smartphone with a QR (Quick Response) Reader App, you can listen to me yap a bit about each of the new paintings.  Just scan the code on the wall by each piece and you’ll hear real actual thoughts that came out of my real actual head via my mouth.  (If you search ‘QR Reader’ in the App store there are several free apps that you can download to your phone, any of which will read the code and link you to an image specific audio clip.)

6) I’ve hidden a pineapple somewhere in every painting.  Okay that’s not even a tiny bit true. But I’ll think about it for the next show.  Maybe.

So please come and say hello —

Making A Better Yesterday Today,” Opening Party on Saturday, November 3rd, 6-9pm, Varnish Fine Art, 16 Jessie St., San Francisco, CA

And if you can’t make it, you can scope it all out virtually right here.


4 responses to “Making A Better Yesterday Today

  1. 1. Have a kickass time at your show!
    2. Will we be able to buy the wood prints online?
    3. LOVE your new work and wish we could see it in person.
    4. Think of you so often even though I never write (even though I’m online all the time… I kinda suck.)
    5. Hugs from Austin!

  2. 1. Thanks!
    2. YES! Soon as the show goes “live” tomorrow you should be able to buy the prints and they are SOOOO COOOOOL. (I’m not biased. They really are cool.)
    3) Thank you more and again, Mel! (The show is up till almost Christmas, come visit!)
    4. The feeling is mutual. Have I mentioned you are way overdue for a visit?
    5. Hugs from the Bay Area!

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