Now As In Right NOW!

If you’re anywhere in the SF Bay Area you might wanna swing over to the East Bay (or the “Beast Aye” as they say in fashionable Pig Latin) to check out the “Oakland NOW” exhibition opening tonight, curated by Ken Harmon of Spoke Art. This weekend things should be particularly frisky as it’s tied in with the 12th Annual Art and Soul festival. This guy will be looking for you —

“Wize” oil on wood panel

“Oakland NOW will feature some of our favorite East Bay emerging and established artists. With mediums ranging from illustration to sculpture to painting, this show is intended to serve as a cross section of the diverse art community living and working in Oakland and beyond. Some of the prominent lineup of artists include: Aaron Nagel, Andy Witrak, Brendan Monroe, Brett Amory. Deth P Sun, GATS, Gina Tuzzi, Isabel Samaras, Jason Munn, Jeremiah Jenkins, Jesse Hernandez, John Casey, Justin Lovato, Kelly Allen, Ken Davis, Lucien Shapiro, Marcos LaFarga, Monica Canilao, Nicomi Nix Turner, Rich Jacobs and Scott Hove.”

Opening weekend:
Friday August 3rd (First Friday) 6pm-10pm
Saturday August 4th (Art & Soul) 2pm-midnight
Sunday August 5th (Art & Soul) noon-6pm

Show on view through Saturday August 25, 2012

What: Oakland NOW
Where: lOAKal art gallery and boutique – 1423 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612


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