What’s got big fishy lips and looks like a piece of rubbery walking sea coral? Give up? Pygmon, the “pygmy monster” (get it?) from Ultraman. I was obsessed with Ultraman when I was a kid and one of my earliest crushes was on Shin Hayata, leader of the Science Patrol.

Kinda dishy, right?

He was also Ultraman but somehow nobody ever noticed that whole “Hey where was Hayata when Ultraman was kicking that monster’s ass back to the radioactive outer reaches of space? Oh hey there you are, man did you ever miss an amazing fight!”

Okay so one day the Science Patrol went to the Lawless Monster Zone, a part of Japan that had somehow escaped notice until 1960, and being the Lawless Monster Zone you can imagine what kind of things were stomping around (how they missed it for so long is a real puzzle — it would be kinda tough not to notice creatures prancing around San Francisco that weighed 20,000 tons even out in the Excelsior neighborhood). Anyway, the only creature there that wasn’t bent on death n’ destruction was little Pygmon, who befriended the humans and got his rubbery little self killed trying to save them.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? That’s right — he totally martyred himself! And what happens to martyrs? They get assumpted up into the heavens by gaggles of cherubs in big billowy clouds, ‘natch. (Sometimes all this stuff bubbles up from my past in weird ways. Actually that applies to pretty much everything I’ve ever painted).

"The Assumption of Pygmon"

You can see this, as well as many other fine and fabulous interpretations in “Garamaniacal!”, a homage to the clunky, crusty, fish-lipped, oil-belching, high-rise-wrecking, meteorite monster Garamon and his “recycled” alter ego, the friendly and excitable Pygmon. “Garamaniacal” will look at kaiju culture through the lens of these two iconic creatures, with background on the TV shows that spawned them and info about the visionary artists who created them. Check it out!

Opening February 10th, 6-9pm
Show runs Feb. 10 – March 4
Foe Gallery
28 Pleasant Street
Northampton MA 01060


5 responses to “Garamaniacal!

  1. You are such a rock star, I love reading your updates and being allowed into IzzyWorld for the moment. hugs and kisses.

  2. Thought I was the only Hayata-drooler. XD good to know… Good to know…

  3. hello! i work for chronicle but knew your work before i started working here (i’m in academic textbook sales). anyhow, i’m a big fan. i am scrolling through your blog procrastinating and saw this entry. it made me think of my favorite scaley man-fish old greg. are you familiar? he loves baileys. HIGHLarious! check it out:

  4. Oh. My. GLOB! Nicole, that was the greatest thing since a fresh bottle of Bailey’s! I’ve never seen (or even heard of) Old Gregg before but I don’t think my brain will ever be the same. Thank you!

  5. I’m Old Greg!
    Glad you likey!

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