Bags Are The New Black

I mean the bags under my eyes. Just got back from Paris, unpacking to re-pack because I depart for LA tomorrow morning. Not sure if this makes me Jet Set or just jet lagged.

Getting used to living out of a bag, and yup, that's a ukulele case in the background.

But if you are in the LA area or have any of your digits on the pulse of the Pop Surrealist/Lowbrow art world, then you already know that La Luz de Jesus Gallery is celebrating their big 25th anniversary with a BIG show (so immense they had to break it into two consecutive exhibits in October and November). You can get all the info and oggle the massive list of artists gathered up to honor Billy Shire and his gallery right here. It’s damn impressive.

The man behind it all, as captured by the brush of Shawn Barber.

There will also be a companion book available, so if you can’t make it to the show, bring the show to your living room! All the work from both tandem shows will be compiled in its pages, along with essays written by all the artists, and you can see a much better picture of my piece “It’s Like That” in the book.

See you in LA! (I’ll be the one snoozing in the corner.)


One response to “Bags Are The New Black

  1. Have a great time in L.A. – you’ll sleep when it’s all over! xoxo

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