If It Finds You Young & Free

I meant to post this days ago but it slipped through the sieve-like skull contraption I keep my brain in, so without further ado: if you’re in the SF Bay Area, there are two shows you should definitely try to go lay your eyeballs on.

Used to live around the corner from this, one of my fave walls in SF. "What Do Your Heroes Look Like" by Jessica Hess

Jessica Hess is exhibiting an epic amount of work at White Walls in her show “If It Finds You”, super detailed urban landscapes and a righteously cool collection of collaboration pieces with ceramic badass Christa Assad.

Christa Assad hand formed these spray cans out of porcelain clay on her throwing wheel, and then Jessica hand painted each one.

At Jessica’s opening I met Anthony Lister and Ben Frost, who’ve flapped all the way over from the other side of the globe for a show of contemporary Australian street art in “Young & Free” at 941 Gallery, right around the corner.

If they came all this way, the least you can do is hoof it over to the Tenderloin and scope out the show, right? Right! It’s up through October 22, so no excuses.


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