Will Draw 4 Drugs

San Francisco showed it’s tender, caring belly when a heap of artists turned out for “Will Draw 4 Drugs” at 111 Minna Gallery to raise money for Kelly Malone’s hospital bills.  Kelly is the Queen of the DIY scene, founder of Workshop and The Indie Mart.  Her insurance company dropped her because of her cancer diagnosis (a blazing hot seat in hell awaits them), but the community has been kicking into gear with a series of fundraisers and donation drives, the most recent of which was documented by the Warholian.  I was happy to be part of this, the art was freely flowing and flying off the walls thanks to generous, eager buyers.

I was painting golden, nekkid ladies with all manner of strange things collaged into their hair.

Check it out, lotsa fine folks doing what they do best.

And if you missed it, you can still donate to help cover some of Kelly’s medical expenses RIGHT HERE.

2 responses to “Will Draw 4 Drugs

  1. Hi, I was another photographer there and shot some of you as well! Check out the blog post – http://portraitstothepeople.blogspot.com/2011/08/fundraiser-for-kelly-malone-of-indie.html. You’re incredible BTW.

  2. You sure did and to quote Tony the Tiger, they’re grrrrrreat! Posting a few right now…

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