“Step Into My Parlour…”

I absolutely love peeping into other artists’ studios because I’m endlessly curious about how everyone works and what they surround themselves with, so I’ve been enjoying the Warholian’s “Artist Profile Series” for a while.  Imagine my tickled pink reaction when they came to my studio!

A sliver of my Catwoman/Batman collection...

About one third of my brush hoard...

And a shelf holding loads of film soundtracks and "The Avengers Complete Emma Peel Megaset Collectors Edition" DVDs.

Now you can take a peep inside my art cave and listen to me ramble and laugh about what I do.  Just click this link right here.

If you’re unfamiliar with the apparently endless grooviness that is the Warholian, they provide “an in depth journey into what’s currently hot in the world of contemporary art.”  Featuring artist interviews, gallery openings, and video how-to’s, Warholian.com ladles out heaping spoonfuls of the current art scene, it’s posse, and it’s inspiring figures.  Editor in Chief Michael Cuffe cleverly puts it this way: “It’s a Warholian world. Welcome to the future.”


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