I had all these fabulous plans to upload lots of sneak peeks of the show but I just realized I’m getting on an airplane today.  So check in with Corey Helford Gallery in the next day or two, they should have the whole thing up online soon!

But in the meantime, here’s a detail close up shot of “LL Scrub Jay” (full painting is 10 x 8 inches, oil):

Ladies Love Scrub Jay, especially in a Bermuda style Kangol...

Okay maybe I can’t stop myself — I also did a few teensy tiny paintings and I mean tiny.  Three inches high.

I'm really just teasing you now, I know you can't see anything at this size...

And I did a couple of drawings too.  (Sleep is for wimps.)  I’ll tell you honestly — I started to do some walnut ink drawings, ’cause I thought it would be cool, you know, funny-cool, to do drawings of woodland creatures with walnut ink and I’d seen some really beautiful effects that a Facebook friend was getting with it.  Well.  Turns out that the skill set I have for doing oil paintings does not translate all that well to ink/watercolor type stuff — I overworked the hell out of ’em.  So I’m leaving them all here at home.  I think I’ve got a bit of learning curve ahead of me there.

But I like drawing and I like big gold zodiac earrings, so I did “Pisces.”  (Pencil and gold watercolor on fancy paper.)

Yes, I'm still in love with these vintage Black Forest frames.

And now I gotta go pack!  If you’re in the greater LA area, please stop by the opening at CHG on Saturday and say hi!  (I’ll be the sort of bleary-eyed one propped up against a wall somewhere.)


One response to “Peek

  1. Great stuff!

    And I can tell what the tiny paintings are: a deer, a house and an owl. (I think.)

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