Heavy Gretel

Ah readers, perhaps you’ve been wondering what became of me?  I went into full out troll mode to toil away on a juicy selection of paintings for my show “Heavy Gretel” at Corey Helford Gallery.  And everything else, including this blog, went into a state of complete neglect.  (You don’t want to see the inside of my fridge either.)  But the work is crated up and on its merry way down to Los Angeles, and in the next few days before I crate myself up and ship down there as well I’ll try to post some sneak peeks and yap about the show a bit.

For now, here’s this:

The opening is May 21st from 7 to 10pm, at Corey Helford Gallery, 8522 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA.  The place will be hoppin’ with art, artists, and people who dig art and artists.  Maybe even you!

Here’s a snippet from the press release:

“San Francisco artist Isabel Samaras’ highly-anticipated exhibition “Heavy Gretel” will debut in a special salon at Corey Helford Gallery. Witty, mysterious, and tender narratives that are classical in technique and pop in content, Samaras’ paintings connect childhood themes with modern day icons. For “Heavy Gretel”, her clever visual storytelling is populated with birds, raccoons and elk as well as delightful hidden meanings where a honey badger represents Grandmaster Flash and a chicken bone becomes a lucky charm. For this body of work Samaras’ process takes a new direction, employing a more organic, intuitive approach to her imagery as well as dark backgrounds to illuminate her captivating subjects.”

Witty, mysterious and tender — that’s me! Coincidentally, that’s also how I describe my Not Chicken Pot Pie.

Also on view will be Sarah Folkman and Krista Huot — the three of us are exhibiting under the umbrella title “Flight and Fable”.  Should be a lot of fun so don’t you be hiding under your kitchen table waiting for the Rapture — come see some rapturously beautiful art!


3 responses to “Heavy Gretel

  1. Looks rapturous, Maya gods be with you and all your art sell right off the walls.

  2. You are a funny girl..!

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