Rev Up Your Transporter…

… so you can check out both these fab openings happening this Saturday, March 12th —

“New Beginnings” at Space Gallery, 1141 Polk Street right here in San Francisco, CA .  I’ve got four paintings hanging, so if you’re in the Bay Area, swing on by, should be a fun show.

And if you happen to be in Rome (or figured out that transporter thing — in which case we really, really need to talk), be sure to check out “Pop Surrealism Big Bang!” also opening this Saturday, March 12th, at MondoPOP Gallery in Rome.  I’ve got two pieces over there, and you can check out the roster of other artists rounded up for this eye feast right here.


2 responses to “Rev Up Your Transporter…

  1. Are you going to the reception? I’ll go to it since I live right there.

  2. We thought we were gonna be outta town but now I’m pretty sure we’ll be here so yeah, gonna try to make it over there!

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