Yup, FREE 45 and Mini Poster!

Okay check it — I’m shipping out a *FREE* 45 record (yes, real actual vinyl — somebody explain this one to the youngsters) with every holiday order!  Best of all, it comes with a mini-poster I did the artwork for a while back.  The Japanese band is Panorama Afro and somehow they’ve crammed four songs onto this little 45:  Afro Justice, Afro Smith, Loser, and The 9th Song.

Here’s the catch — I can only ship out orders through this coming Monday the 20th, Priority Mail should still get it there in time, which means no more checks — you gotta go Paypal, baby!  (If you just want something for yourself, not a gift, I’ll honor the free 45 offer through January and you can relax n’ take your sweet time about it.)

I’ve still got the following fabulous treats for everyone on your naughty and nice list (prices don’t include shipping, and if you’re in Cally there’s sales tax):

“Doe Knocker” knickers, styled like boys’ but made for girls!  Like all things American Apparel, these run small. Normall $20, but now $15 ’cause I’m full of holiday spirit!  (Or was that Peppermint Schnapps?)

You know that gorgeous Limited Edition “Nutz” Collectors Plate? Well I’ve got a few “seconds”, ones that had small defects that kept some from being in the signed/numbered edition.  In most cases this means little hairs or pin holes in the glaze, sometimes there’s smears on the back where it doesn’t even show.  But instead of being $100, these adorables are only $25!  Yep, that’s a 75% discount. Snatch ’em up while they last!

“On Tender Hooks” lovingly signed to whomsoever you please.  ($35)

As well as the groovy little treasure-box-like book of post cards. ($10)

And even copies of “Devil Babe’s Big Book of Fun!” and “Big Book of Postcards!” ($12 each)

And speaking of Devil Babes, while I was digging around for packing supplies last week I unearthed some ink drawings!  These are mostly original art I created for “Devil Babe’s Big Book of Fun!” and they’re all under $100!  (Originally $200!)

"Bootsie" 8 x 5 3/4 inches. ($80)

"Twenty-five" 6 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches. ($80)

"Dress Up" 9 3/4 x 7 3/4 (frame: 9 x 12 in) ($80)

"Lil' Devil" 5 1/2 x 4 1/2 (frame 6 x 8 in) ($40)

"Love Rocket" 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 (frame: 10 x 8 in) ($80)

"Stud Puppy" 8 x 6 1/2 (frame 10 3/4 x 8 3/4) ($80)

To purchase anything just drop me an email (contact button on devilbabe.com or isamaras “at” mac.com — suck it, robo-hackers!) with what you want and your shipping address so I can calculate the postage and I’ll zap you a Paypal invoice.

Happy Holidaze!



2 responses to “Yup, FREE 45 and Mini Poster!

  1. Hey Isabel,

    You may not remember me, I was in some of your classes at Parson’s & I was Chris Sharp’s roommate on 21st st. I stumbled upon you through friends of friends on FB and decided to Google you to see what you’ve been up to since “those” days.

    WOW, you GO girl! Awesome goings on! And still with Marcos, very cool.

    You are quite photogenic. I’m diggin’ on the red hair–always did.

    Wish I could say I was just as successful, but I’m not…yet. Been pluggin’ away as the art department for sarasprint.com in San Leandro. I was one of “those that fell to the garment industry”. I still do some real art, but the drive is in low gear. I admire your tenacious talent.

    I’ve been in the South Bay (Los Gatos) since ’97. Married, no kids.
    Just wanted to drop you a line to send some KUDOS and say Hi.

    Good luck with the book,

  2. Hey Sandy, nice to hear from you! How did we all end up out here in the West?

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