Queen of the Late Notice!

Yup, that’s me!  But if you happen to see this and it’s not tomorrow (or some other point in the future) come on down to 111 Minna tonight for Sketch Tuesday!

Myself and a heap of other artists are going to be drawing and painting for YOU, yes you!  So that you can snatch up fabulous, original art fresh from our fingertips — and everything is $30 or less.  You heard me right!  All the info is RIGHT HERE!  I gotta go pack up all my pencils and brushes and head over, so hopefully I’ll see some of your smiling faces there.

Some other faces you might see include: Kelly Tunstall, Ferris Plock, Ryan De La Hoz, Charmaine Olivia, Pakayla Biehn, Taylor Wessling, Brett Armory , Rob Reager, Jesse Balmer , David Fallis, Leslie Winchester, Mia Christopher , Daryll Peirce, Bo Heimlich, Aiyana, Udesen, Matt Furie , Sergio Navarro-Durran, Pacolli, Mildred, Justin Lovato, Gabriel Castellanos, Ian Mullen, Dennis McNulty, Ryan Coffey, Nate Van Dyke, Michael Slack, Ben Johnson, Adam Avilla, Audrey Erickson, Arlo Jamrog, Annie Galvin, Johnny Dismal, Seth Armstrong , Deth P. Sun, Scott Greenwalt, Ben Walker, Jennybird
and Isabel Samaras.  Oh wait that’s me again.  Well I will be there!


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