The Holidaze Are Upon Us!

Okay clearly I have quite a lot of catching up to do, but the wackiness of the holidaze are upon us, they’ve set their pointy teeth in our necks and are wringing us like chickens!  (Or is that just me?)  Well panic not, even though there are only 21 shopping days left till Christmas — here are a couple great opportunities to score some unique treats for all the good boys and girls on your list. (For everyone else, just do what I do and keep a handy sack of Kingford Charcoal Briquettes around.)

First up, December 10th, 7 – 10:30pm at 63 Bluxome Street Gallery (which they’ve cleverly hidden away at 63 Bluxome St. in San Francisco) is the 2nd Annual Affordable Art Show.  And no misnomer this!  There will be wide variety of cheap affordable goodies by such folks as Dave Eggers, Frank Kozik, Marc Sanchez, Missy Feigum, Mr. Clam Lynch, Lil Tuffy, and oh yeah — me! You might also get a glimpse of my boyfriend, Basil.

You sharp eyed types will notice the sale continues the next day, Dec. 11th from 3-8pm, but you were there last night so on Saturday, Dec. 11th, you’re going to want to hoof it over to Oakland for Inky Oxnard’s Holiday Frenzy!

This wacky wonderfulness takes place at Tobi Designs from 11am to 5pm, and will feature more cheap affordable goodies, a veritable sparkly wonderland of gifts including screenprints at ridiculously low prices, lovingly printed t-shirts, framed art, a few pieces on wood from the Super Furry Animals show, landscapes, Squirrel Plates, stickers, books, paintings on canvas, wood, and cardboard. There will be gifts to fit every budget. We will make it worth your while, people. PLUS there will be snacks. Oh, yes, you read that right:  snacks.  AND as an added bonus, there is a rumor that Andy Cowitt and I will be playing holiday tunes on our ukuleles.  So come and sing “Santa Baby” with us!  Artists include Michael Wertz, Lloyd Dangle, Jim Winters, Dave Warnke and me (again).


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