Auction Alert

Hey folks, Busted Foundation is raising money to help women fighting breast cancer.  While donating money to research is fantastic and necessary, this foundation does something a little different:  the money Busted raises (primarily with its annual event called Bowling for Boobies) goes directly to women who are fighting for their lives while trying to pay the bills.  The grants given to these women often come at a time when nearly all hope is lost and they can’t afford a much needed treatment, cover rent, or pay a utility bill before it’s turned off.

This year in conjunction with the Bowling for Boobies event @ Jillian’s Hi-Life in Universal City (celebrity guest bowlers include Jane Wiedlin of the Go Go’s and Thomas Lennon of “Reno 911”), they are also hosting an art auction on eBay, with all proceeds going to Busted Foundation.  There is a lot of great art to snatch up, and I’ve got a spiffy “Nutz” plate in the auction as well!  Check it out right here.


2 responses to “Auction Alert

  1. Isabel!
    The link doesn’t work…

  2. It does now! Just went live a few minutes ago, try again!

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