Behind the 8 Ball

Sadly I can’t rattle on about anything particularly fun today — I am totally crammed behind the 8 Ball (and not the Magic 8 Ball —  though I’m sure if I asked it whether today was going to be fun it would say “Outlook Not So Good”).  Back in spring when I was really, really busy it seemed like a genius idea to file an extension on my taxes, you know “why put off for tomorrow what you can put off for several months?”  These bright ideas take hold of my brain from time to time.  But it’s got to get done right now or I’m condemning my sweet tax guy Jay to many sleepless nights to squeak my numbers in under the wire.  In case anybody was wondering:  I hate math, numbers (except my lucky #7!), receipts, taxes, and the very idea of shoveling these fistfuls of money over when I had to bust my ass so hard to get them in the first place.

Plus I haven’t eaten lunch yet, so there’s the whole low-blood-sugar-crabbies thing going on too. But if you’re on Crackbook, I posted a few pics from the “Everyday” opening at 111 Minna Gallery last week — truly you should go see the show in person because the photos do not do the work justice.  At all.  It’s all art by California tattoo artists, but the art might surprise you.

And I promise to stop whining and come back with something fun soon.  I’m working on a diptych commission right now and it’s a total hoot!


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