I meant to post these progress shots as I was going along but there’s only so many hours in the day and… I forgot.  But here’s a the continuing saga of the lovely “Beaver Boobs”…

Yes, come rain or shine… who am I kidding?  It’s California.  It was always sunny.  But sometimes is was chilly and sometimes hot…

The World Cup was a little bit distracting…

…but eventually I finished!

Many thanks to the gorgeous castee who donated her time and shapely form to this project.  This piece is now on it’s way to the Tiki Oasis 10 Anniversary Extravaganza in San Diego, the original “Tiki Weekender”,  a three day, non-stop, jam-packed celebration including the Keep-A-Breast art show organized by Baby Doe von Stroheim and featuring over 24 artists creating painted and multi-media breast casts. The proceeds go to The Keep-A-Breast Foundation. Go pick up a nice rack for yourself and support a good cause!


5 responses to “Finished!

  1. brilliant. I was seeing boobs before seeing the beavers. you got me.

  2. What a great organization. Thanks for helping spread the word. “What if there was no cancer….”

  3. AWESOME! (as usual…)

    That’s a kick and a half! Well done, Isabel!

  4. You are certainly up to this admirable task. Beautiful inspiring work! This is art has Great heart. Thank you for keeping us abreast of your transformation.

  5. Love them! 😀

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