I came home from Seattle and opened this huge box in my studio, covered with stickers that said “BOOBIES!” and “I ❤ BOOBIES!”  (That “<3” is supposed to be a “heart”.  I try my best, people, but I haven’t had breakfast yet.)  Are you curious?

Whatever could it be?


You know you do!

I’m painting a breast cast for the Keep A Breast charity auction curated by Baby Doe.  The casts will all be on display (and for sale!) at this year’s Tiki Oasis 10, August 19-22 down in San Diego.

I promise I will post about the fab, fab, FAB trip to Seattle soon (including incredible thrift scores like furry lion pants, yeah you heard me), but since I have to jump right on this next project I thought I’d share it in “real time”.  I’ve already got an idea tickling my brain, fingers and toes crossed I can pull it off!


2 responses to “Boobies!

  1. LOL – fabulous! yes, we should heart our boobies!!

    and TIKI OASIS?? I wanna go!!

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