Goin’s On In LA

First I was feeling sorry for myself because I didn’t make it out to NY for the fantabulous opening of Mark Ryden’s “The Gay 90’s” show, and now I’m buggin out that I’m not down in LA because there is so much good stuff happening in the next few days!  Here’s a sample:

Outfest is presenting a night of fun clips compiled by animation historian Jerry Beck:  “Toons In Drag.”  $13 at the Cinefamily, Tuesday, May 4th, 8pm 611 N. Fairfax Ave., 323.655.2510.

Lucha Va Va Voom presents “Cinco de Mayan” with that always winning combination of Mexican wrestling and burlesque dancing.  What’s that?  Of course there will tamales, and tequila too.  They do it up right.  $45, Weds May 5th,  Mayan Theater, 1038 S. Hill St., 213-746-4674

And yes, I am the worst vegetarian in the world because I covet taxidermy animals.  So of course I wish I were able to check out the “Rogue Taxidermy”show at La Luz de Jesus, opening Friday May 7th, 8-11pm, 4633 Hollywood Blvd., 323.666.7667.  Actually these are entirely “guilt free” — they are all “recycled”, which in this case means crafted from roadkill, discarded livestock, destroyed nuisance animals, casualites of the pet trade, and “animals that have expired from natural causes.”  Which I assume does not include a ball-peen hammer to the forehead.  So this is taxidermy even I can cuddle and love.  (And if you love it too, you can come back Saturday night for a “how to” demonstration.)

San Francisco, you tarted-up painted lady, you need to step up so I can stop having this crazy wanderlust…


2 responses to “Goin’s On In LA

  1. It does always seem like LA and NYC have amazing goings on that tempt me away from the Upper Midwest. But you know what? Rogue Taxidermy is actually here in MN, where I’m at! And, as a long-time vegetarian, I also have weird conflicted feelings about taxidermy but do enjoy their “guilt-free” creations.

    But dang, I wish Jerry Beck would take “Toons in Drag” on the road. That looks fantastic!

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