Artists Go Hollywood

Do you have a list of artists you wish they’d make a biopic about?  Looks like artist Tim McCool does — “And so I say to Hollywood: Enough. Let’s branch out, diversify, and push our art flicks into some exciting new genres. So Spielberg, Weinstein… Tarantino even: if you’re reading this, here are a few of my proposals.”  He’s made some faux movie posters to accompany his suggestions, you can check ’em all out right here.  My favorite is “The Hirst Locker.”

And if you prefer a reality show version of the artistic life, don’t forget that Bravo is unveiling “Work of Art”, a sort of “Project Runway” for artists that will pit 14 of ’em against each other in competition for $100,000 and a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum.   I remember when the casting call for this was making the rounds. (Thanks, I’d rather eat my own socks. All of them.)  That said, you know I’ll be watching when it debuts June 9th.


3 responses to “Artists Go Hollywood

  1. Be careful what you wish for, I could see Hollywood casting Kathy Griffin to play you.

  2. Omigod, please re-cast me!

  3. can’t wait for the Bravo show… thanks for the tip!

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