Happy Anniversary Ron!

It is a thing of infamy (in my own mind) how I never seem to post pics of events in a timely fashion.  So it is astounding (again, in my head, where there is a nice echo for it to bounce around “astounding! astounding!”) that I’m posting this less than 24 hours after the fact.  But before you think too highly of my new leaf, you should know I’m really just procrastinating other projects.  It was either be productive or blog.   Hi!

Legendary and legendarily swell Ron Turner was fetted and adored at the 40th Anniversary Exhibition/party for his publishing house Last Gasp at 111 Minna last night, and it was a terrific evening, full of great people and gorgeous art.

I've been wanting to bite Ron's braid for years.

Minna was jam packed with an all ages mixture spanning the decades from youthful, doe-eyed hipsters to venerable, white haired comic artists.  The ebb and flow of the crowd would become “okay-I-think-it’s-time-to-leave” tight and then air out a bit before the next wave of people hit.

This half used to be all of Minna, before they expanded.

Thank gawd they have this extra room for all these people!

Winston Smith was in the house — one of the most genuinely nice, warm people I’ve ever known and a kick-ass artist to boot!

This gal was really feeling the love — she hopped up on a bench and started booty shakin’ which was of great delight to everyone, me included, until her swinging wrecking ball of a bag clocked me in the head and I forgot my own name for a few minutes.

Warning – keep back five feet.

Meanwhile over in the sanctioned dancing area things weren’t really happening, despite fine tunes, until right about when I left.  Rats!

I realize that these pictures suck salty monkey nuggets (people, this is why I paint), but Daniel was out with his camera taking much better photos.  Bet you’ll look at ’em and feel like you were there yourself.

All this wonderful madness was taking place at 111 Minna — you know how sometimes when you’re getting a painful procedure done they say “Go to your happy place” to distract you?  This is a very, very happy place.  Don’t just go there in your mind — go there.  Eiming Jung has been bringing the joy for years and years, and I adore the stuffings out of him.

(I can't squeeze him hard enough.)

The hot accessory of the evening seemed to be fur, though I’m pleased to report that most of it was fake — a great deal of faux leopard was on hand.  To my complete abject horror however, someone was sporting an actual, real fur accessory…

Three guesses if you can tell what Jennybird Alcantara is obsessed with.  First two guesses don’t count…

While we were yakking, John went and bought this terrific little watercolor by Annie Owens.


I realize you can’t tell from these photos, but this was a meeting of the zipper ladies — I’m wearing a huge necklace made out of zippers and this fiesty gal Patricia’s dress front and shoes were all zippery.  What’s more fun that fur?  ZIPPERS.

It was also a night to remember some of the fabulous galleries we lost in the Bay Area this last year — R.I.P. Varnish Fine Arts (Jenn and Kerri at left) and Eclectix Gallery (Patricia rockin’ the red hat).

And my absolute favorite thing from the entire evening was this wonderful wall of photos and paintings of Ron — I’ve known Ron for a long time, but not this long…

Happy Anniversary Ron!  Love you to pieces.

Update:  Patricia has posted some of her pics and thoughts about the night right here.  If you haven’t had enough yet, go check it out!


7 responses to “Happy Anniversary Ron!

  1. Great photos by you and Daniel. Thanks for sharing them with those who could not attend. Any word on S. Clay Wilson’s condition?

  2. Last I heard there were still some memory issues, etc. I wish I’d thought to ask around — I’m sure *somebody* in that room would have known!

  3. Glad to read he’s not in the past tense and there’s no urgency.

  4. Richard von Busack

    Was so, so sorry I got tangled up in deadlines and missed this fiesta. One of the hugest honors of my life was the time Winston S. did a Metro cover for an article I wrote. Looks like a great time was had by all. Nice scene report!

  5. Oh, wait–sorry, late at night and forgot to say what I meant to say, which is that S. Clay Wilson’s wife was down in San Jose at the toy show and she says he’s doing better and is out of the hospital. Anyone wanting to make donations can go here–

  6. Thanks for the update on S. Clay, Richard — I was going to start calling around today to try and get the skinny (now I can cross something off my Monday To-Do list– and I didn’t have to do anything!).

  7. Thanks to you both for pointing me in the right direction.

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