Thrift Score!

‘Kayso, you know those stories about someone who finds a Jackson Pollock painting in a thrift store?  And it turns out to be worth bazillions and that person gets to be on the news and sometimes they even make documentary films about their attempts to get the thing authenticated?  Well this isn’t quite like that, in fact it isn’t much like that at all, but someone in NYC just found one of my old Devil Babe paintings in a thrift shop and picked it up for one dollah!

Miss Behavin'!

He emailed with a picture to see if it was, in fact, An Actual Real Live Samaras Devil Babe Painting, and I had the great pleasure of telling him yes it really, truly was.

I used to do a lot of these little Devil Babes on wood plaques, they were mostly based on imagery from my book “Devil Babe’s Big Book of Fun!” and they used to sell in galleries for between $200 and $500, so yeah, pretty good score right?  (I like this story so much that it makes me want to whip out a bunch of quick little paintings and start leaving them in thrift stores all across the country, just to see if anyone notices.)

And if this painting could talk, I’d dearly love to ask it how the hell it got all the way from San Francisco to NYC and ended up in a thrift store…


11 responses to “Thrift Score!

  1. omg, that’s so insane! definitely a baaa-gain, but I wanna know which thrift store – I have several near my house!

  2. Okay, I want to write the story of how Devil Babe made it to the thrift store. lol

  3. I wish you *would* write the story!!!! (I think it’s gotta be a break-up, and the painting is the lost child of the divorce… )

  4. Hang on, I’ve got to make a trip to Goodwill.

  5. Youkiddinus? OMG, YES! Do paint some more and let’s have a scavenger hunt!

  6. OMG Samaras! i need to start hittin’ the thrift stores now.

  7. There’s a few thrift stores in Harlem.
    Just let me know when I can start the hunt!!!
    LOL !!!


  8. BTW…

    Also throw in some SEX PAINTINGS!!!

  9. Devil Babes ROCK!! That is very cool.

  10. He said it’s not a very good Goodwill, but the painting was scored at the Goodwill on 25th and 6th Avenue.

  11. I just won this painting on eBay for $80, also a good score. It’s going to end up between NYC and San Francisco in Indiana. Should I donate it to a local thrift shop so the fun can continue? And yes Tiki Dave, devil babes do rock.

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