Into the Jaws of Snowmeggedon!

This is not my house — I live in California, and we don’t have the white stuff here, though I did have to kick a few leaves off the walkway this morning and chuck a pesky snail into the street, phew!  But this pretty much sums up the feeling I’m getting from my East Coast friends and family, most of whom are fairly sick n’ tired of digging out their cars, their doorways, etc.  My memory of growing up back East was that there was always something to deal with outside:  mow the grass, rake the leaves, shovel the snow.  Go ahead, ask me if I miss it — NOPE!

So why am I flying into the wintry white jaws of Snowmeggedon this week?  I’m heading to NYC for the 5th Anniversary show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery.  It promises to be a fantabulous show, packed to the rafters with amazing art.  Here’s some stuff I cribbed from Artlog:

“Since 2005, Jonathan LeVine Gallery has been an important venue for Street Art (ephemeral work placed in public urban environments) and Pop Surrealism (work influenced by illustration, comic book art, and pop culture imagery). As such, the pieces in this exhibition—comprised of paintings, drawings, and sculptures—will be primarily figurative with a strong sense of narration.

Artists in this exhibition have developed prominent creative voices for themselves as individuals, while also playing valuable roles within the historical context of the larger Street Art and/or Pop Surrealism movements. All of them have been influential in shaping the gallery’s program, creating work with a unique counter-culture point of view.

In LeVine’s words: “I believe that my program represents a generational shift, and that the artists who I work with will continue to define the evolution of this genre.”

Did I mention I have a couple pieces in the show?  Here’s one:

"Mocking Box:  The Rap Wars"

5th Anniversary Show, Saturday Feb. 27th, 7-9pm

Jonathan LeVine Gallery, 529 W. 20th St. NYC


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