Love & Sex

I don’t do too much illustration work anymore, partly because I’ve always had a sort of passive/aggressive relationship with it in the first place (I don’t much like being told what to do), and also because at this point it usually feels like a distraction from the rest of my art.  But sometimes a job comes along that’s just too fun to say no too, and these often pop up around Valentine’s Day.  I love that people think of me at this time of year — it seems utterly appropriate to me, since so much of my work swirls around issues of love and how we manifest those feelings (lust, adoration, jealousy, heartache, longing, fidelity and betrayal).

So naturally when the art director of the Santa Fe Reporter, the wonderfully cool Angela Moore, asked me if I’d like to do the cover for their Love & Sex issue I said heck yeah!  The finished art ended up like this:

And once all the type was set it looked like this:

And if you want to read the fabulous Love & Sex issue but don’t happen to live in Santa Fe, fret not, you can peruse it online right here.


4 responses to “Love & Sex

  1. hmm… honey bear: i think you may have uploaded the cmyk versions of the images – one appears almost pure black, the other almost pure blue. open the original images in photopoop, change ’em to RGB, and upload again – does that work? xm

  2. Yepper! Gettin’ a 100% blue for the second one here, also!

    C’mon, Izzy! We, your public, demand a good show!

  3. All better. Great work! xoxo m

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