Happy T-Day!

Any day I can fire up the fire orange Kitchen Aid mixer is a good day.

Sorry I haven’t had time to post proper for a couple days — been gettin’ my bake on.  Knocked out three pies, my favorite of which is pictured here — the “chocolate ganache w/ toasted pecans in a toffee butter crust” or CGTPTBC.  People ask for it by name:  “Gimme a slice of that CGTBUHG, the CHQWB… the CMKRS… oh hell just gimme a piece of that damn chocolate pie!”

Very important to taste test at this point. And every point along the way.

Anything that requires you to melt down several bars of Valrhona chocolate is high on my list of Awesome Things To Do.  This is a couple bars of their Dark Bitter Sweet, 70-something %, with a little bit of cream mixed in to create a ganache.  I’m pretty sure “ganache” is French for “euphoria inducing mixture.”

Happy as a kid making mud pies...

And the finished product — TA DA!

Go ahead, lick the screen -- you know you want to!

I also put in some of of this — the Dolfin bar, which is outstanding (and comes in a nifty little package like an old fashioned tobacco pouch, as if they know I want to just carry it with me at all times, ready to break off a little nibble).

Happy belated T-Day everybody!  Back to our regularly scheduled programming as soon as I recoup. (Burp!)

P.S.  I’ve already gotten a couple emails about the kitchen decor.  What? Doesn’t everyone have blood dripping down their kitchen cabinets?  Truth is I’ve decided to leave all the Halloween stuff up till New Years — I’m going to make tiny red Santa hats for all the bats, skeletons and monsters.  And yes, I’m serious.  You’ll see.


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