Home Sweet Home

Back from LA, and as soon as I download the camera (I swear my camera cable snakes off and slithers under the couch as soon as I turn my head) I’ll post a little travelogue of the uber-fabulous Double Trouble signing with Lisa Petrucci in LA.  Here’s a quick snap from the roof of the Standard Hotel, in the groovy “pods” by the swimming pool.  (They have very gushy round water beds in them — shortly after this photo was taken I tumbled backwards into the pod and had quite the struggle getting out again.  Stupid pencil skirt!)

In the meantime, check out this terrific wall installation!  Long time readers know I love it when someone sends a snap of the art in their homes, something I rarely if ever get to see.  (Once it departs my studio or the gallery, where it ends up is often a complete mystery.  They’re like bad children that leave home and never write.)  Beth Steiner was kind enough to send this picture:

What we’re looking at is one of my “Nutz” plates surrounded by images from “On Tender Hooks” and even an original b/w ink drawing!   It’s like a glossy little shrine and seeing it just completely made my month.  (She said the print from the deluxe Limited Edition of the book is in another room.)

I am so feeling the love.


One response to “Home Sweet Home

  1. lookin’ very swank. Lisa too. very stylish girls.

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