I've been doing this face for two days now...

Well I was going to post some great pics from Halloween but I dropped my external drive, where all my photos for the least several years live, and it’s totally bunk now, has to be shipped off to a hideously expensive data recovery place.  AAAAARGH!  I’ve taken my head out of the oven (at least temporarily) and if the Gods of Computers are willing, they will recover the images (aaaaaall the images, which are not backed up, I know, I know, bad bad bad) and I’ll be able to post something… eventually.  (Along with the huge backlog of other stuff I’ve been meaning to post pictures of, like APE, etc.  Sigh…)  Say a little prayer for my drive!


One response to “&%^$#@!!!

  1. Hey, isn’t that the kid from Home Alone?

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