I Heart John Astin

That’s probably obvious, since I’ve painted Gomez Addams a few times.  So you can imagine how much this made my year:

"To Isabel, Your Work Is Great!! John Astin"

Occasionally someone asks “How do the people in your paintings feel about it?  Do they ever get in touch with you?”  Truth is I don’t often hear from anyone, though sometimes the now-adult children of some of the actors drop me an amused email.  This fabulous photo is proudly hanging on my wall because of a chain of unlikely events — I met Stephen John Phillips, a highly talented and trippy photographer, at my panel at Comic-Con this summer.  He is one awesome gent because shortly after Comic-Con he went to the Monster Mania con in New Jersey, where John Astin was going to be making a rare appearance.  Stephen was going to bring Astin a copy of his “In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe” (the guy who played Gomez Addams is a Poe fan, naturally) but he also brought several pictures of my artwork to show him.  (Like I said, Stephen is awesome.) Astin liked the pictures so much he asked if he could keep them.  (I just about did a backflip when I heard this.) At this point everybody in line behind Stephen was getting irritated but Astin didn’t care, holding up the picture of “Herman & Lily & Gomez & Morticia” and saying “LOOK, I’M SWAPPING!”

"Herman and Morticia and Gomez and Lily"  acrylic on tin

"Herman and Morticia and Gomez and Lily" acrylic on tin

So yeah, I heart John Astin.

Stephen also scored this achingly cute Lisa Loring/Wednesday Addams photo for me —


And speaking of Johns, all the hubbub around the upcoming release of the Beatles Rock Band (which you know I have pre-ordered) has reminded me that I still have a crush on John Lennon, something that his death has done absolutely nothing to diminish.


4 responses to “I Heart John Astin

  1. I should have thought of doing this when I went to Baltimore for his Poe event last January. I’m glad he got to see your paintings. He’s a good sport. He loves San Francisco, BTW. He will be the officiator for the Poe funeral in Baltimore on Columbus Day weekend. He teaches at Johns Hopkins.

  2. I wish he’d bring his Poe show out here!

  3. Evil Roy Slade, too.

    Have you received your copy of Pancha Tantra yet? Mine came last week – betw you and Mr. Ford, my eyeballs have never been happier.

  4. YES! Yes yes yes, it arrived and I’ve barely had time to crack the cover but just the few pages I’ve opened to are already covered with drool. I’m so in awe of how he can paint those huuuuuge *watercolors*!

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