Oh boy oh boy oh boy — gearing up this week for Comic-Con in San Diego.  Can’t. Hardly. Wait!  Come and share the excitement, bump elbows with some Jawas, pick up all those toys you’ve been coveting, roll around in comics up to your eyeballs, see some sneak preview movie clips and just generally revel in geek fandom heaven.

When not running around frothing at the mouth, I’ll be stationary for two events:

1)  Book signing at the Chronicle Books booth, #1506 along one of the main thoroughfares, near the stairs that go up to the seminar rooms.  I’ll be there at 3pm on Friday.  Stop on by, say hello, and pick up a spanky fresh copy of “On Tender Hooks”!

2)  My panel with R. Sikoryak and Ron English, moderated by Colin Berry, is at 6pm on Friday, room 32AB.  We called it “Pop Perversity: Parody in Comics & Art.”


(Clearly I didn’t get the memo that we were all going to use images with horns.)  They Con folks briefly stripped the title down a bit (just “Parody in Comics & Art”) but they wisely returned it to the original version.  How are we supposed to lure you in and compete with Klingon Lifestyles Presentations or your chance to get Elvira’s autograph if we can’t throw around words like “perversity”?  And what’s so bad about that anyway?  You know what the dictionary defination of perversity is?  “Contrariness: deliberate and stubborn unruliness and resistance to guidance or discipline.”  Sure there’s other definitions (I think “depravity” turns up eventually) but come on, work with me here people!

Anyway, our description of the panel is “Parodists from the world of art and comics show how their sharp, sly images blur the boundaries between the popular and the profound, the propagandistic and the profane.  Parody is a familiar part of our culture, but when done right it can still shock and awe, revealing truths while it makes us cackle.”

So come join us and get your cackle on!


One response to “Con-tastic!

  1. i love that you said “elvira’s autograph.” haha! in 1982 i rode my bike to the opening of a new shopping center in my town, because elvira was there to cut the ribbon. elvira should not be seen in bright sunlight, elvira is best viewed indoors. even in 1982. oh how i love elvira.

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