Under Pressure

I like to think that I work well under pressure — in fact, sometimes I can’t even start in on a painting until the adrenaline and fear of an impending deadline has started to singe the edges of my nerves a bit.  (My suspicion is that I trained myself from grade school onward, always leaving things to the last possible minute, to the point where I often feel like I can’t access my creative flow, mojo, whatever-it-is, until the dread of giant, belly-flopping public failure is staring me in the face.  Given that I work in a fairly meticulous, time-consuming style, this is somewhat hellish challenging.)

Still, all that being what it is, I don’t think there’s enough money on earth that would make me want to put myself on an “artist reality show.”  But maybe you do!  So here’s the deal:  Bravo, the network that brings you Top Chef and Project Runway (both of which I admit to enjoying the heck out of), is putting together a competition show about artists.  “If you’re an emerging or mid-career visual artist with a unique, powerful voice that demands a bigger stage, well  Here.  It.  Is. Your medium could be one of many (or several of many) – painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography, mixed-media – we want voices that believe in their art and want the world to know.”

Maybe you’re The Next Big Thing.  If you think you might be, info on how to apply is right here.

I’ll be here, with my feet up and a bowl of snappy crisps, watching.

UPDATE:  That link wasn’t working yesterday, but it is now!


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