In Stitches Part Deux

Okay so today was totally crazy — up at dawn (or thereabouts) to get the painting prepped for Dana, super fab photographer, which I then picked up later in the morning with pal Carrie, then we high tailed it into the city to get the piece framed up and shipped off to LA (interrupted by a brief but fantastic lunch and at some point the purchase of kick ass lip gloss).  The whole day felt like some kind of relay race.

I’m so sad that I didn’t think to take a snap of the framed piece — Randy (the unsung hero of my work) always finds THE perfect frame for everything I do and man, he knocked it out of the park this time with a gorgeous and huuuuge honking frame from a discontinued line.  It is beyond the beyond and it’s killing me that I don’t have a picture of it.  (If anybody goes to the “Monsters?” show @ Copro Nason, please take a snap and send it to me!  More on the show in a minute.)

So yesterday I was talking about my exhaustive research into the ins and out of surgical stitches, and this is what I ended up doing:

It's a raccoon-ocelot-skunk-enstein!

It's a raccoon-ocelot-skunk-enstein!

I was trying to keep them subtle and not too distracting — just enough of a hint so that you’d get that he was sewn together if you looked closely.

And if you’re curious what the whole critter looks like with his blinged out pimp cup, here’s a fairly glare-filled snap of “Things That Go Crunk In The Night:”

I only wish you could see it in all its framed glory!

I only wish you could see it in all its framed glory!

If you wanna see this little guy in person, just head on over to Copro Nason this Saturday, July 11th, from 8pm to 11:30pm and check out all his creepy friends in “Monsters?”, curated by the meticulous Travis Louie.

UPDATE:  Gary @ Copro was kind enough to send me this pic of the piece in its frame (the black outer border is part of the frame).  This is all carved wood, not resin, with little leaves and acorns n’ wotnot.  Sweet, right?



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