Why does it seem like there’s such a tight link between music and art?  Many artists I know are also musicians and vice versa — Rob Zombie was in my dorm at Parsons (though he had a different name then), and three of the Talking Heads all hooked up at the Rhode Island School of Design.  I can’t really claim any musical skills (on certain days I’m not even sure I can claim artistic skills) but I like to wail away on my ukulele and discovered through Rock Band that I absolutely love playing drums.

I do listen to a lot of music when I’m painting (books-on-CD and podcasts too).  Been finding some great bands lately through RadioDavidByrne, including this week’s favorite: the Swedish electronica of Fever Ray. which is Karin Dreijer Andersson’s solo project (she’s usually to be found in the duo The Knife with her brother).

Fever Ray

Cover art by Martin “Mander” Ander — looks like scratchboard to me.  That used to be my medium a long time ago — if you ever see an old copy of a Japanese seafood cookbook called “An Ocean of Flavor”, illustrating that was my first “big job” out of art school.  I got several thousand dollars to do 70 scratchboard illos of various kinds of sea life and food prep, hung out at a lot of sushi restaurants and had a total blast.  And with the money I ran off to Italy for a month, which is where I realized I didn’t want to be an illustrator anymore — I just wanted to paint my own stuff.  You just cannot predict where your life will lead you.

Anyway, if you’ve been enjoying the Grizzly Bears (and it seems like everyone is these days), you might wanna check this out too.  I don’t really think “electronica” when I listen to it, but decide for yourself —


2 responses to “Feverish

  1. was rob zombie a big douche when you knew him? cuz he is now.

    thanks for the FEVER RAY tip. i’m also going to check out david byrne’s “radio.”

    i went to a byrne art show at the track 16 gallery in santa monica some years back. he was there, but i was too nervous to approach him. i really wish i had.

  2. I ran across this article about the connection between the performing and the visual arts.

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