Pouring Sugar

Yup, that's my sketchbook. Super cheap paper, takes pencil beautifully.

Yup, that's my sketchbook. Super cheap paper, takes pencil beautifully.

The latest “gee that’s swell!” is a sweet little studio visit that High Fructose magazine paid me — you can see it right here.  There’s some shots of the studio, some sketches, a snap of the cat and even my little veggie garden.  (I go to great pains not to wax rhapsodic about the garden too much but all bets might be off this summer — I put in six different heirloom tomatoes and some “walking stick kale” this spring and if things go well I might have to crow and post a few pictures.)  Bakuchiku, the cat (who’s hair adorns all my paintings) looks surprisingly mellow here but as some of you know, living with her has been like one of those Animal Planet shows where a family fosters a wild bear cub until they can release it into the wild again.  She has an amazing talent for destruction the likes of which I have never seen, setting off these Rube Goldbergian chains of events that culminate with the house nearly coming down.

Meanwhile, I’m still on a happily little cloud after the opening/book launch.  It was absolutely fantabulous!  The gallery sold all the drawings, several paintings, four cases of books, I saw people I have met in years, got to hug good friends, and made new pals.  I felt like Cinderella at the ball, finally free of the drudgery and out for a night of fantasy and fun.  And I will be reading the books, listening to the CDs, smelling the flowers, drinking the booze, eating the chocolate and otherwise revelling in your generosity and friendship for days and weeks to come.  Thank you thank you thank you all!

Another sign that I’ve got my life back — I started baking again.  Made a Shaker Meyer Lemon pie the other day (w/ lemons right off the tree out back). I thought it was awesome but there have been some snarky comments about all the rind.  I’d like to point out that that’s how it’s supposed to be.  The Shakers were super thrifty and didn’t waste a thing if they could figure out how to use it, so the whole lemon goes in (sliced), peel and all.  Deal with it.  (Okay it is possible I went a little lemon-happy when I put in an extra lemon. I thought it rocked.)


2 responses to “Pouring Sugar

  1. my grandma was an amazing baker and cook. she used to make me lemon meringue pies from scratch (my favorite!) and she always put some rind in the filling. 🙂

  2. Nice little overview there. I especially love the study illustration of the squirrel. The brown conté reminded me fondly of “Make Way for Ducklings”, one of my fave books as a kid.

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