I’ve been keeping this under my hat because I wanted to wait and see how they turned out, but now the cat’s out of the bag.  Out from under my hat.  The chicken is flying the coop.  (How big is this hat anyway?)

Since way back in the lunch box days, I have wanted to make plates.  And I have made plates — I used to do a whole line of hand-painted ceramics.  But I wanted to manufacture plates that looked just like the Franklin Mint ones with Elvis on them — except with my artwork.  Well guess what?  (I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, what with the cat being out of the bag out from under my hat after flying the coop with the chicken and all.)  I finally did it!

Nutz (Sciurus vulgaris)

Nutz (Sciurus vulgaris)

Pretty sweet, right?  They even have the little gold rim.  I’m pretty ding dang excited.  These are a limited edition of 100 porcelain plates, signed and numbered.  This is what the back looks like (this one isn’t signed — it’s just a sample):


The text on the back reads:  The Woodland Fabuous Collection presents “Nutz (Sciurus Vulgaris)” by Isabel Samaras from the series “Into the Woodz.”  Plate Collection Edition Limited to 100, Plate No.  ___

And as you might imagine, these are not food safe — decorative only!

Here’s the hitch — I’m hoping they come in time for the opening on Saturday but as of right now I only have the sample plate!  So if the gods are smiling, folks can pay-n-walk with a collector plate in a nice little box, and if not the gallery will take orders and ship them out as soon as they arrive. They can also ship to you out-of-towners.

If you can’t live without one, just contact the Shooting Gallery and snag one before they’re all gone!

8 responses to “Aw, NUTZ!

  1. let me know when you invent the decorative plate that i can eat off of.

    that’s my dream.

  2. You are soooo tempting me to make some rude joke about what image I’d put on *that* plate.

    Latest new: they are supposed to arrive tomorrow, just in time! (I’ll believe it when I see it.)

  3. Wow, I’ll definitely be checking that out for sure!

    Excellent piece

  4. Ha, amazing! I’d proudly display that blinged out squirrel in my curio cabinet (which already contains many oddities).

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  6. william j earley

    I love your plate. i will ax [baltimore spelling] my wife if zanta will get the head squirel[me] it for x-mass.

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