Rip Off Artist

My jaw is on the floor after looking at this post about how Urban Threads is ripping off Jenny Hart (Sublime Stitching).  Adding insult to injury, their versions lack all Jenny’s charm. (Aka, they suck on several levels.)

Photo courtesy of Dinosaurs & Robots

Photo courtesy of Dinosaurs & Robots

Read all about it here on Dinosaurs & Robots, get mad, and drop Urban Threads a note.  (There’s a link to do so at the end of the post.)


2 responses to “Rip Off Artist

  1. wow! that is outrageous!!! i will “drop” a note on them.

  2. Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching has retracted these accusations. In her statement, she withdraws her claims of copyright infringement, reveals that she edited and manipulated patterns in side-by-side comparisons such as the one above, and apologizes. More information, as well as Jenny’s retraction, can be found here:

    All of us at Urban Threads and Embroidery Library would like to thank Jenny for making this public statement. We’re happy to have this matter settled, so that we can look forward and fully focus on making awesome and unexpected designs for hand and machine embroidery.

    If you have any comments or questions, please drop a note to UT exists because of the hip stitchers of all ages and backgrounds who dig it. We value tremendously what you have to say, and we love to hear from you.

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