Exclusive! Superb! Boomin’!

If you haven’t gotten your fill of interviews or perhaps just wondered why I like chocolate so much, here’s an Exclusive Interview to chew on (it says it’s exclusive right at the top so it must be true).  In other “pourin’ sugar on me” news, over here I am “superb!”  And for those of you who were wondering how the boom box finally turned out, it looks like this:

Mocking Box (The Rap Wars)

Mocking Box (The Rap Wars)

I’m ever so grateful to have all this external content to post ’cause I haven’t had time to write/post much myself in the crazy gear-up for the opening this Saturday.  (Quick reminder:  Sat. May 9th, “Into The Woodz” opening and launch party for “On Tender Hooks” at the Shooting Gallery, SF, CA, from 7-11pm.)


2 responses to “Exclusive! Superb! Boomin’!

  1. will the entire family be in attendance such as Nico? I’m trying to get more people to attend. I’m selling the show on your awesome art and your prodigal son.

  2. We’ll all be there (even me mum!) though they all probably wont make it till the end. I hope *I* do — I’m really sleep deprived!

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