20 Questions

Batman & his new sidekick

Batman & his new sidekick, Red Eye

Played 20 Questions with Juxtapoz this week — the results are right here!


7 responses to “20 Questions

  1. Dude that’s my brother!!! I’m freaking out!!!

  2. okay. so this photo of you and “batman” is now my favorite photo of you. replacing the photo of you and my naked torso.

    i am going to read your 20 Qs when i take a break. right now i’m conducting some high level showbiz for the henson company.

    that’s right, i just name dropped.

    speaking of names, i don’t actually come up with all the nicknames you read on my blog. most people come up with their own. and since you asked, i’m referring to you as ZOMBELINA. but really i refer to you as Isabel Samaras mostly. that’s because you’re famous and i like to name drop.

  3. Jeremey — Omigod, you’re Batman’s brother?

    Skinny — I’m so flattered to be *worthy* of name dropping!

  4. I can’t tell if that’s malicious sarcasm or a jovial ribbing. But, yeah, that’s my brother in the Batman costume. I was excited to see him on the front page of the Juxtapoz website today.

  5. Jovial ribbing! Jovial ribbing! (No way am I going to piss of Batman’s brother.) Seriously, he was super nice when I basically accosted him for a photo (having had a lifelong thing for Batman — I’m not even sure how many Batman paintings I’ve done).

  6. Zombelina
    Why do i get the feeling that you voted for HAZEL on my TV maids poll? I too voted Hazel. Which leaves one more mystery person…

  7. True confessions: I didn’t vote! I wanted to vote for Rosie from the Jetsons and she wasnt’ on there. But I probably will go vote for Esmerelda now ’cause she was such a total dingbat (even though she was more of a babysitter than a maid, right? I think? My memory is totally shot.)

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