What A Way To Start The Day


Is there anybody who wouldn’t like to see the word “genius” in the same sentence with their name?  (Except maybe for “Who’s the genius that screwed this up?”)  If you didn’t see the link in the comments, I just had to wave this around a bit because it’s such a lovely, lovely review.  Angela Cardone, arts and culture producer for KPBS Radio, pours some sweet sugar on me with “The Pop Culture Genius of Isabel Samaras.


4 responses to “What A Way To Start The Day

  1. i “said” it on facebook and i’ll “say” it again here, you are a genius…on every level!

  2. Can I put you on the payroll? Professional Ego Fluffer?

  3. Can we call you Genie for short?

  4. Hey Isabel! What an awesome review! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of your book. I’m also really looking forward to seeing your new show at the Shooting Gallery!
    much love,

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