Chronicle Books (not the entire building and staff, just a couple of really lovely CBers, Patti and Bridget) came to the studio and made this swell little video of their visit.  I’m giving a petite tour/sneak preview of some of the paintings for the show and of course showing the book some love.  (Clearly in this still I’m talking about large, juicy melons…)


4 responses to “Chatty

  1. haha! i loooove it. you are such a gifted artist.

    the youtube video stopped and started buffering (without continuing to play) at the 3:23 mark. just as you made your “large, juicy melons” gesture in front of M.C. Squirrel. 😉 well timed.

  2. Thanks! (All I can think when I see is it “Damn I need a haircut!”)

  3. Isabel, your paintings are simply amazing! Congrats on the book and show!

  4. Blessings from a goddess! Thank you!

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