Rondo Classic Horror Awards

The Rondo Awards

Just got a lovely email from someone saying they had voted for me for the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards in the category of “Artist of the Year,” which really knocked me out.  Coincidentally I had just voted for friend Joe Sikoryak’s animation “The Cartoon Adventures of Major Mars” but I declined to vote for myself because I thought it was unseemly.  But hey, YOU could vote for me! And you can vote in all the other categories you want, like Best TV Presentation (Battlestar Galactica, come on), and skip the ones that are too obscure even for me (unless you read all these article and can choose your favorite between things like “Beverly Washburn: from Superman to Spider Baby,” an interview with actress who appeared with George Reeves, Old Yeller, Lon Chaney and Captain Kirk and “Jamie Lee Curtis and the Virginity Myth,” retracing Curtis’ gritty heroines in Halloween, The Fog and other films).

The Rondo’s are right here, and Artist of the Year is a write-in category. Voting ends March 21st.


2 responses to “Rondo Classic Horror Awards

  1. You’ve got my vote too!

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