I Wanna Hold Your Hand

So I’m working on these paintings about Goldilocks and Baby Bear as part of my ongoing current obsession with fairy tales.  In my imagination, that moment when Baby saw Goldy in his bed was a “love at first sight” kinda life changing event for both of them.  And I thought it would be cute to do a painting of them holding hands (hand+paw), because I enjoy painting hands so much and I like trying to tell stories and paint portraits in strange minimal ways.

Which meant I needed a bear paw to pose with, so I made this out of blue fake fur (it’s the only fur I had) and colored pencils for claws.

I'd like to see the rest of that blue bear...

I'd like to see the rest of that blue bear...

And then I could hold the paw…


There are actually many shots of different positions — it took a little while to figure out how you’d hold hands with a bear (do you kind hold it’s claws? or grasp just the bit furry part where the pads are?).  In the end I went for interlacing fingers with claws because I think that’s more intimate.

I think I’m going to zoom in pretty tight just on the hand/paw for the painting and do it pretty small, probably 9 x 12, something sort of sweet and cozy.  I’ll try to post the drawing or underpainting later if I remember!


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