Happy New Year!

Well it’s official — the book just showed up on Chronicle Books’ site and print catalog and it looks a little something like this —


Hot diggity!  I’ve been fondling the color proofs, which are gorgeous, and the proofs for the special endpapers printed with nifty metallic inks, and all the other goodies and special bits.  It’s coming, folks, it’s coming!  (Hit the link to read the full description and to see this page bigger than a match book.)


6 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Do you know when the art exhibit opens? I am traveling and away from 4/18-26.

  2. The show opens the first week in May… without looking at a calendar I wanna say maybe May 9th? Something like that. (I should know that.) It’ll be a solo show & book launch, ooh la la! And it sounds like you can make it!

  3. AWE-SOME! …or… I can hardly wait to get SOME AWE-inspiring looks at that book!



  4. one more thing…

    what if my comment does not need moderation?

  5. What, you think you get to just post whatever you want without someone eyeballing it first? (What do you think I keep all these gnomes in the studio for? It ain’t their table manners!)

  6. Isabel,
    you’re in print–congratulations!
    Kathryn & Uzi

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