Have A Creepy Christmas!


You’ve been feeling it, right? That a certain… something was missing from the holidays?  Well no more!  Thanks to Beck Underwood, CreepyChristmas is alive and kickin’ out a fresh piece of eerie advent animation every day until Christmas proper, December 25th.  (Back in the 90’s Beck used to put out a fabulous newspaper for kids called Zuzu.)


A host of hair-raising creatives are fiendishly toiling away on these little shorts, including artist Peter Sis, and filmmaker Larry Fessenden and yes — us!  Our film goes live today, Dec. 10th.

Still frame from "You Better Watch Out"

Still frame from "You Better Watch Out"

We did such crazy “atmospheric” spooky lighting and old-looking film flicker effects that sadly a lot of the sets we built are kinda invisible (sigh), so I’m posting a few pics here.



Of course I don’t want to give away too much, including the ending. (Bwa ha ha!)  Big thanks to Jamie Waymer, whose fabulous collection of vintage Halloween music was the source of Gene Kardon’s song “Zombie” from the 1929 album “Halloween Stomp.”  (If you can find it, this is an amazing album of swing era Halloween inspired jazz.)  The seemingly endless editing (days and days of work for about a minute of film — stop motion is so cruel!) has permanently embedded that song in my brain (good thing I like it ’cause it’s now the soundtrack to everything I do).

Check out all the macabre marvelousness every day. (Note: Dec. 6 has a wee bit o’ nudity n’ sex, so maybe not for the wee nippers.)  You can also pick up a lovely and ghoulish traditional paper Creepy Christmas advent calendar.


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