I was watching the Daily Show the other night and Arianna Huffington was on, talking about the new book she edited, “The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging,” and she mentioned that there are 50,000 new blogs created every day.  And I suddenly remembered:  Oh crap, I have a blog!

Sorry to have been absent, dear reader(s). Lots going on, and I will attempt to reform, recommit and renew my blog with fresh content!

On that note, in the Sunday NYTimes I saw this:

“Art Pieces
A puzzling new trend is rocking the art world.  The fashion photographer Steven Meisel recently unveiled a jigsaw puzzle featuring a highly patterned pin-up girl he originally shot for Vogue Italia ($750 for signed limited edition; shop.artandcommerce.com).  And RxArt, a New York-based nonprofit organization that puts contemporary art in hospitals — think a CAT scan machine remodeled by Jeff Koons to look like a tire swing — has commissioned its own puzzles to raise money for its 2009 projects.  Terry Richardson’s limited-edition clown face is definitely not your grandmother’s jigsaw ($250 signed, $75 unsigned; rxart.net).  — Alex Hawgood”

I have to admit this gave me a “What am I, chopped liver?” feeling, since I’ve been doing “artist jigsaw puzzles” for a wee bit now. I did a very limited edition, hand-cut series of wooden puzzles…

Monster Ballads puzzles

Monster Ballads puzzles

These things were amazing (I can say that without blushing because I didn’t do the cuts — Myron did and they were insane), each one was completely different with no two pieces alike, and each had a special “secret bird” piece.

And I’ve done a slightly larger edition of laser cut cardboard puzzles, you can read about ’em here.  There’s actually a couple of those left (signed and numbered!) if you’re puzzling over what to get that special someone for the holidays.  Compared to the ones the Times mentioned, they’re a real bargain at only $50!


2 responses to “Puzzling

  1. Wow. Those puzzles are incredible! I love the scale too. I want that for Christmas!

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