The Honey Dripper

I keep forgetting to post the finished piece here, thanks for bearing with me.  (Get it?  Bearing with me, ’cause it’s got bears in it? Oh the hilarity!)

The Honey Dripper (Goldilocks & The Three Bears)

The Honey Dripper (Goldilocks & The Three Bears)

If you were ever confused about the difference between bear and bare, here’s an easy explanation courtesy of WSU’s “Common Errors in English” page:  There are actually three words here. The simple one is the big growly creature (unless you prefer the Winnie-the-Pooh type). Hardly anyone past the age of ten gets that one wrong. The problem is the other two. Stevedores bear burdens on their backs and mothers bear children. Both mean “carry” (in the case of mothers, the meaning has been extended from carrying the child during pregnancy to actually giving birth). But strippers bare their bodies—sometimes bare-naked. The confusion between this latter verb and “bear” creates many unintentionally amusing sentences; so if you want to entertain your readers while convincing them that you are a dolt, by all means mix them up. “Bear with me,” the standard expression, is a request for forbearance or patience. “Bare with me” would be an invitation to undress. “Bare” has an adjectival form: “The pioneers stripped the forest bare.”

Now you wanna know what a “stevadore” is, don’t you.  Click here to find out.

This piece will be part of my solo show at the Shooting Gallery in SF, May 2009.


8 responses to “The Honey Dripper

  1. i can’t wait to see what YOU do with the bathing goldilocks in 20 years and again 35 after that.

  2. love the hand gesture of the bear in the water.

  3. *Thank you.* It was a tough pose — I wanted it to be thoughtful and bear-like but not *too* overtly lecherous. I briefly painted in a little washcloth in the bear’s paw (there was also a rubbie duckie at one point, bobbing around in the water) but it shifted the tone so much they both had to go.

    And yeah, G, I do wonder what I’ll be painting in 20 years…

  4. Happy to say I saw this in person in NYC – Looks even better up close. Interesting Gallery too- you can get a tattoo while you view.

  5. This reminds me of an image by Joost Verkamp, done in the early 90s. I searched for an online image, but could not find it. I think the title was “ongelikte beer” (translates to bear cub) — but that image is, indeed, overly lecherous though far more sensual. And it also features a nude, some bears, and a pun (in Dutch, “ongelikte” can mean un-licked).

  6. Wow, wish I could see it. And that I knew what “un-licked” meant! (Is it some Dutch specialty?)

  7. Reminds me of those old Japanese images of girls with randy octopusus… octopi?

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