The Supervillain Musical We’ve All Been Waiting For

Sometimes you don’t realize there is a lack, a big gaping wind-whistling-through-it hole in your life, until the missing thing comes along. How have we all lived this long without a proper Supervillain Musical before? HOW?!? But we need fret and wander the earth searching for that special something no more, because Joss Whedon (who seems to excel at giving us what we didn’t know we needed until we saw it and then we’re hooked on it like oxygen) has created Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

I could now try to describe this juicy goodness to you, or you could spend that time enjoying the show, so just go. (What else do you need to read? It’s a Supervillain Musical Sing-Along!) If you’ve been missing Nathon Fillion or didn’t get enough of Neil Patrick Harris in the last Harold and Kumar movie, bonus for you, they’re here. Singing. But if you’re still not sure you want to commit a few minutes to musical joy, here’s Joss explaining it better than I would.

This is a very “enjoy it now” thing. The first two episodes have posted, the last one goes live on the 19th, and then it all goes away mid-day on Sunday the 20th, to live again in some kind of pay-for-the-pleasure mode. So check it out now while it’s free (and buy it later to enjoy repeatedly at your leisure).

Thanks, Sandra, for bringing this to my attention.

Update:  If you missed the original airing, you can watch it for free here on Hulu.  Or you can buy all three episodes on iTunes for $3.99.  WORTH EVERY PENNY!  Eventually there might be a DVD with *extras*.

Update Numero Dos:  Dr. Horrible got great write-ups in Entertainment Weekly and Time Mag.  What are you waiting for?


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