Outside Of A Dog

Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read. ~Groucho Marx

So where the heck have I been, huh? Well since you asked — I’ve been working on my book. Yup, that’s right. If you could hop in a time machine and set it for next spring, you could hold a copy in your hands right now. (For those of you without a temporal device, I’m afraid you have to wait — the book doesn’t exist yet.)

Ceci n\'est pas le livre.

This is not “The Book.” The Book is being published by Chronicle Books and will be, you know, bigger and nicer and probably have a picture on the front.  This is my little notebook where I’ve been scribbling ideas for The Book, like some cover ideas (my preferred medium here is color copies and the gold foil wrappers from premium chocolate bars)…

…and all kinds of crazy things we can’t do because of something called “a budget.” So while there wont be pop-ups and cut-aways and real gold leaf, there will be lots and lots of beautiful pictures — and I’m not just talking about the paintings. When I look at art books I often find myself wishing there were pictures of the artist’s studio — I want to see where they work, how things get made, what kind of things they have kicking around, I want some visual flavor and background. So we’re including snaps of drawings and paintings in progress and some really groovy pictures of the studio by amazing photographer Bart Nagel.

His pictures are so fab and so numerous I wish I could just make an entire book out of them. Plus he’s just an incredibly swell guy.

And this is the blank model of the book. Holding this thing, even though it’s blank, electrifies me. I am giddy-over-the-moon excited and everyone at Chronicle Books has been outstanding — Alan, Beth, Bridget, and Cat (who’s technically freelance). They seem as excited as I am, which is always a nice feeling in one’s publishers. In addition to the book, there will be a postcard book and a deluxe Limited Edition of the book with a special goodie. Did I mention giddy-over-the-moon? I did? Well I still am.

Check back here for progress reports, maybe I can sneak out some preview pages as production rolls along. And now that I’ve finally delivered all the artwork to Chronicle I’ll try to post more regularly!


2 responses to “Outside Of A Dog

  1. Susy Chapstick

    Woman! Where is the RSS feed for this blog? Did I miss it? Get hubby to add the button so your peeps can keep updated on the book progress and the exciting whatnots of Izzycat.

  2. I know, I know, I *reeeeeally* have to take care of that. I’m writing it on my hand right now. (Seriously. I am. In ink. My hand is my second brain. It’s like my Palm Pilot, get it? ‘Cause it’s my hand and it’s got a palm and…. I think I forgot to eat breakfast this morning.)

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