Bantha Slippers?

bantha slippers
Pictures courtesy of Jason Geyer and cannot be used without express written permission. All images © 1999 TIC TOC, Lucasfilm, Pepsi, andwhoever else might have been involved.

If you’ve been reading the blog you might’ve picked up on the whole “I’m a bit of a geek” thread. I grew up reading a lot of science fiction, and when Star Wars came out it hit me like a ton of bricks. (Hey, I’m not the only one.) I tend not to speak of the three “prequel” films because they upset me. Let’s not go there. But when I saw this I was filled with a mixture of nostalgia and deep longing. Action Figure Insider’s blog has a terrific posting about some Star Wars merchandise that never was. Dangit, I really want a Death Star Grill!

death star grill
Pictures courtesy of Jason Geyer and cannot be used without express written permission. All images © 1999 TIC TOC, Lucasfilm, Pepsi, andwhoever else might have been involved.

Sorry things have been a little slow around here. I’m working on a commission painting (I’ll sneak some pics in here eventually) and had to write the bio for my upcoming book. The fabulous cartoonist/writer Lynda Barry nailed it when she said that most bios read like obituaries — all that’s missing is “and she died” at the end. So I was trying reeeeeally hard not to write that. It’s difficult writing about yourself without feeling like a big fathead so I went kind of “internal” and wrote more about the gears turning inside than a list of exhibitions. (I’m sure we can cram a list of those in the book for anyone who’s interested in such things.) And if you wanna know what the inside of my head looks like, you’re just gonna have to buy the book when Chronicle puts it out next year.

So while I’ve been busy busy busy things have kinda gone a bit wonky here at the homefront. This happens periodically:

marinara planet

Is it an alien landscape? A new lifeform? My latest art project?

It used to be a really nice marinara sauce. (Sigh.) I need a clone. Hey is it just me or did the Easter Bunny appear in my moldy marinara?

marinara bunny

And speaking of Easter, if you were anywhere near the Bay Area I hope you got to hit Dolores Park last Sunday and frolic with all the beautiful creatures. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence held their annual Easter extravaganza (egg-stravaganza?), starting out with kiddie friendly egg hunts n’ story time, and rolling through some rollicking stage performances including the Hunky Jesus contest. The Sisters are deeeevine queer nuns with names like Sister Holly Lewya, Sister Florah Goodthyme, Sister Ann R Key, and Sister Aura Lee Gifted. You get the idea. They’re big on community service and I’m big on them. (I can occasionally be spotted wearing my N.I.L.F. shirt.) In case you missed it, here’s a few snaps…

Twister Sister

Twister Sister and friends prep the egg hunt…

sisters 2

Love that killer Pucci print…

sisters 3


Fabulous pink pooch…


And lastly, me and my Peeps …


(I don’t actually know these guys, I just love Peeps!)


2 responses to “Bantha Slippers?

  1. i feel a little bit like that marinara mold right now. but someday i’ll grow up to be a bunny! thanks for a great post… xm

  2. Hey, I saw you on Easter — you grew into a dashing bunny-man!

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