My mom is slowly getting rid of things in her house one object at a time. By sending them to me. Here is a bathing suit that I somehow fit into when I was a baby teacup chihuahua:


Some of my old jewelry (which for some reason she doesn’t want to wear herself):


(Actually a few of those might work on a chihuahua too.)

And a book that, until she sent it, I’d forgotten existed. For obvious reasons I absolutely loved “Isabel’s Noel” when I was a kid. It has terrificly weird illustrations and tells the story of a little child witch who screws up all her spells and accidentally summons Santa Claus. Written by Jane Yolen with wonderfully wacky drawings by illustrator and comic artist Arnold Roth, about whom John Updike said “All cartoonists are geniuses, but Arnold Roth is especially so.” I would have to agree.
noel cover

Well loved and worn cover.


Terrific end papers. Dunno if you can see it at this size, but Santa’s side has sweet little toys and Isabel’s has clams with bat-wings and other odd creatures.


Very nice pic of Isabel’s granny, her mum, herself and her cat Nuncle.


Gorgeous spread — love the not-quite-symmetrical reindeer pile.

I realize there isn’t a clear line of connection between Roth’s work and mine but I can’t help thinking it’s there somehow, rattling around in my skull and having some influence, because I truly adored it.


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  1. i think i have that talking heads badge, too… i definitely have the pretenders badge. you new-waver, you!


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